Was doing so well for a few days and finally felt like I was nailing it. But had a pulling relapse tonight 😭 I just don't understand why there are times that I have the urge and I can fight it using my coping techniques or at least stop myself after I've pulled out a hair or two. But other times I just cannot seem to keep my hand away from my hair. It's like I have zero control over it. It's so upsetting 💔


  • Hi Keke,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling. I know just how hard that is and feel for you. Try focus on the days where you did well and how great that made you feel. You worked hard and that can't be taken away from you!! You slipped up and that's only human, don't beat yourself up about it - you sure can get up again. I have every faith in your pull freedom!

    It is interesting how we can surf urges with strength sometimes, and at other times it's so difficult to keep those fingers away from the hair. But these things I've tried may help; plasters or finger covers especially when watching TV or reading, drinking plenty of water or using different fidget toys to keep those hands busy. Also tiredness, boredom and alcohol all make it a lot harder to fight, so keep active and rested, you'll be able to handle it much better.

    Lot's of love, strength and sympathy! 🤗💕
    Joy, Xxxxx

  • Hey Keke,

    I completely understand what you mean and it really gets so heartbreaking that you want to stop pulling but your mind just wanders off and you lose yourself in it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Like Joy said, you remember the times that you've been successful in fighting your urges and that victory no one can take that away.

    Recognize where and when you have the urges and at the times that you are your weakest try to find the few things that give your strength and distraction from pulling.
    I've slipped back way too many times to even keep count but I am holding onto the feeling of having pull free days and that helps.

    More love and power to you.

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