Pulling for 30 years

Hi i have been pulling my pubic hair out for 30 years now. As a result a lot of regrowth is under the skin which then means I'm using tweezers or a pin to dig them out which has caused scarring. I also pull my leg hair out which results in the same problems as mentioned above. I pull from these areas every day. To a lesser degree i pull my under arm hair out.
I have very complex mental health problems and been in and out of therapy and on medication for years but because i pull pubic hair im too embarrassed to mention it. Does anyone else pull pubic hair out and/or pulling elsewhere for a long?


  • Hi Lucy,

    Firstly welcome & whilst I completely get the embarrassment, you really shouldn't be. You're definitely in the right place here.
    I've been pulling my eyelashes for 26 years, so iconetely understand the feeling of having had this condition for such a long time. You can get help and support through this page, coaching.care, and through the forum as well- we're all in the same boat.
    Hopefully we'll hear from you again soon.
    Take care, lots of love being sent xx

  • Hi Lucy, I pull from the same areas as you. It is difficult to talk about, especially the pubic area! But it's not unusual - just rarely spoken of.

    I only pull with tweezers, so I threw them away. It wasn't easy, and my eyebrows became interesting for a while, but gradually the trigger zones stopped triggering because I wasn't pulling anymore. My habits changed. These days I can have tweezers and I find using an epilator extremely cathartic! There are still some ingrown hairs, but nothing like the mess I had going on before from pulling and digging them out.

    I treat myself now to a fancy salt scrub in the bath, followed by an evening of epilating and it seems to hit the mark for me without causing any damage or getting me trapped in the zombie pulling zone :)

  • I have pulled pubic hair in the past , but have paullwe my hair since I was 23 and now I am 50 it has been really bad during lockdown
  • Lockdown has been so hard for so many people. Don't beat yourself up <3

  • I too pull my pubic hair. Not exclusively though. I'll pull my head hair until I get a noticeable bald spot, then I move to my eyelashes or eyebrows. When those get really bare, I'll start on my nose hair. I would have to say pulling from the pubic region seems to be the least damaging for me. I don't use a tweezers down there though. I just grab and pull! Ouch :(

    Sometimes I allow myself what I call a "controlled pulling session" with tweezers. With my favorite magnifying mirror, I tweeze all those random, lonesome hairs on my eyelids and eyebrows that "don't belong there". Don't ask me what that means. It's just hairs that don't seem to look like the rest. Sometimes I allow myself a "controlled pull" on the white hairs on my head. But this one always seems to lead into further aimless pulling later on.

    I can say that the "controlled tweezer pull" for my nose, eyelashes and eyebrows seems to have worked in a way for me. I think because there is an END to my 'mission' and then I stop (for the day). I've pulled out all the stray nose hairs that stick out too far. I've taken care of the eyebrow hairs that don't fall in line with the others. And I've removed the single eyelashes that look out of place. I know that this probably isn't the healthiest remedy, but it has been a SMALL improvement step. These "controlled pulls" are usually only for a specific amount of time. I don't go as far as setting a timer for myself, but I guess that could be helpful too.

    I know "pulling" is not the answer to quitting pulling, but sometimes I think weaning myself down, rather than going 'cold turkey' sometimes is more do-able for me.

    I would just like to say Congratulations to all the people that have found this site. You are now one step closer to a healthier, pull-free life. I know I am! Keeping telling your stories, posting and TYPING. Remember, when you type, you don't have time to pull ;)

    Lots of love & Stay strong!!!!!!

  • Hey Sloth

    Thanks for joining us. Sorry to hear f your struggles. You do sound so positive tho, so assure you will conquer it. KEeeeep posting!!!

    Love and

  • I will definitely keep posting Neo. I've been a puller for 37 years or so and now that I'm 50 I decided to take back my life!
    I no longer feel alone, embarrassed or ashamed. I now know I have a 'family' of individuals that are just like me. We all are going through the same struggles and the same lockdowns no matter what country we are from.
    I think when you are a chronic puller like me, at my age, you have no choice but have a positive attitude. It's either laugh or cry right?
    Thank you for being a part of this platform and providing people a place to share their stories judgement free. You probably have no idea how many people you are truly helping. Keep up the good work 👍
  • Aaaw, that is so sweet, SleepySloth, and definitely made my day. I am multi-tasking and was giving myself grief for checking the forum when I am meant to be fixing links on the website!

    I'm 58 and like you, I didn't want to carry this behaviour forward my whole life. Everything is so much easier now that I am pull free. Looking around me, though, I want to mention just how much fur and soft fabric is in my living room - I have gone from rooting around in my hair to stroking, COMBING and cuddling up in fur blankets.

    We're here to support you, and life begins at 50, trust me!

    Love and pull freedom

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