Joy's 40 days Pull Free!

Can we all say a HUGE well done to Joy, as today she's achieved 40 days of Pull Freedom. Joy, you should be SOO proud of yourself and your achievement! A true inspiration to us all. Well done lovely lady xxx


  • Hey Lisa,

    _That is so kind of you!!! _ I'm truly overwhelmed with emotion seeing this thread you've put out for me. Got tears in my eyes! So joyful for coming this far!!
    Thanks for your special post, I am proud of myself coming along - over 6 weeks now!!! AND KEEPING AT IT! This has been going so well with your amazing support and Neo's exceptional care! Joining the trich family here and signing up for coaching were the two best things I've ever done!

    Thanks again for your congrats, now it's about keeping the magic going!

    Look at you Lisa, you're almost there too! I know each of you can do this! Believe me some times were VERY hard and I struggled, even almost pulled. But the great feeling of coming this far is worth it all!!!

    Best to all of you!
    Keep PF, xxxxx

  • Can't believe I missed this! Great work Joy!!! <3

  • Hey Joy,
    What an achievement! <3 Congrats to you and keep glowing.
    I hope I can reach there one day too.
    More strength and power to you.

  • JoyJoy
    edited July 2020

    Hi Michelle and Kitty,

    Thanks so much for cheering me on like this! It really means a lot to me!
    So beautiful how everyone round here is so supportive!

    Been some ups and downs, but still going strong after 8 full weeks. I will add that I am feeling a major difference and so much lighter without focusing on my pulling and being involved in it as I used to be. I also thank Lisa and Neo massively for helping me get here, because without them at my side it would've been hell!

    And all of you out there, FREEDOM IS POSSIBLE!! It might be hard, but the feeling that it brings is SO SO SO WORTH IT!! I have faith in all of you too!

    Keep the freedom going!

  • Yay!!! ~You did it, Joy - keep at it girl.

    So proud of you.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hey @Joy How you getting on? Smashing it as usual? x

  • She is still doing great - gone to sleep on the forum, I guess, but still full of freedom

  • Hey @Gir and @Neo,

    Thanks for posting. I sort of have been sleeping on the forum but it's always great to come back and say hi!

    I've had some tough days, with all sorts of ups and downs. Thankfully at this point I'm feeling a lot better and things are looking up. A lot of self-care and art in different forms of expression havehelped me keep going.

    200 days coming shortly... Hope I ace that all right!
    Hope you're both doing fine and everyone else round here..

    Very best wishes, lots of love!
    💕Joy, xxxxxx

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