The mum of a little girl with Trichotillomania

Hello everyone,

Im unsure whether it’s ok for me to post here as I personally don’t suffer with Trichotillomania but I am the mum of an 8 little girl who does and I was hoping for some advice and tips on how to help her. We are currently waiting for her to start her sessions with CAHMS but given the current circumstances it’s taking a little longer than normal.
It’s got to the point where she is crying daily as she can’t stop and in turn making her hair pulling worse.
Any advice would be so greatly appreciated

Thank you


  • Hello @Khawkes! Of course it's okay for you to post here 😁 I'm sure one of the 'official' coaches will be writing some very helpful advice very soon. But I just wanted you to know what a great mom you're being, just by getting online to help your little girl. The most important thing I think you can do early on, is let her know how much you love her, just the way she is. Whether she pulls or not. And to let you both know that there IS light at the end of the tunnel, and you WILL find help for her.

    I myself did not start pulling until puberty (13 yrs old or so). I can't imagine how overwhelming it can be for an 8 yr old. But just know that you are in the right place. So curious that a small child would have so much anxiety so early in life, but it does happen. I cannot tell you how HUGE it is to have family support though. All my life, I never had anyone to confide in regarding my Trich. Everyone in my family thought it was nonsense. And I didn't even have a name for it until I was much older. Now as an adult, it makes me feel empowered and more in control when I'm able to post on this forum. Just having someone to listen, without judgement, means the world. You and your daughter are not alone in this fight! We have an army of shoulders to lean on here, and you already have taken your most important step.

    Sending tons of positive pull-free thoughts your way! Just remind your little one how strong and beautiful she is, and this is just a 'bump' in the road for her, on her life's journey. So many grown up things to tell a little kid, but they understand more than we realize.

    Good luck Mom and stay in touch. Take care & be patient. We will all get to where we want to be.... eventually 😊

    Best Wishes,


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