Willpower is a muscle


I am new to the coaching journey. I thought that the start would be easiest bit, as I am full of enthusiasm and energy and want to make a positive start. But there's just not the traction that I was expecting.

It's a long process so I'm not worried about it. However, I'd like to know if anyone else found this?

Thank you and I'm so happy to be here.


  • Hi and welcome :) Yeah I understand what you mean. It’s definitely a marathon rather than a sprint, and I think it’s all about the journey. Love the title - the more we flex our willpower muscle, the stronger it gets. Good luck on your journey! Xx
  • Hi there. Yes, absolutely get what you’re both saying & I agree, it’s a great way to look at it. Enjoy your journeys 😉
  • Hi Carezza,

    How are you feeling now?

    I think its ok to be a little overwhelmed at the start of coaching, especially as new ideas are introduced to you and you have to mull over concepts and apply them to your feelings. You have to get used to communication with your coach too! Maybe you were used to living in your head and now you have a person you can actually share those thoughts with.

    Besides, think of starting a new exercise, you are bound to be sore or overwhelmed at the beginning! I just joined a new gym and am still learning my routine for getting ready to swim, and the best times of day for me to swim. And I haven't swum in forever so I start by warming up my shoulders and my poor tight right tricep which just hates being stretched. As I swim it hurts but I try to be gentle with it and stretch carefully and stop before I hurt myself. I know it will stretch out in a weeks time and it's starting to feel better already and after that my body will be used to being back in the pool.

    Congrats for starting coaching, you are making a big commitment to yourself so take it a day at a time and breathe through those frustrating thoughts and moments.

    Let us know how you're doing!

  • Hi Annie

    I’m talking it day by day. I spent a long time deciding whether or not to do coaching so I thought I was committed, but it’s hard! I am naturally very organised but I am struggling to get the headspace to put in place a plan and arrange my materials. At the moment there’s a lot of ideas flying around but I have faith that it will take shape.

  • Hi Carezza,

    It is hard! But it's better than the alternative right? Because when you come through it, you will be so much more self aware and pull free :)
    Living with daily fear and shame that cycled is a part of my life I am so glad to be done with and I have so much sympathy for people still pulling.

    Let me know if you need help with anything!

  • Small update. I have a pretty decent set of bottom lashes for the first time in 26 years, I think! I am not so lucky with the growth cycle on the top, but I am holding on x
  • Hi Carezza

    Amazing well done, and well done for writing on here to let us know how you’re doing!!❤️
    It’s great to hear from you.
    Keep that positivity going and you’ll hopefully see some progress with your top lashes soon. I found applying coconut oil helped with mine. I’m 36 the end of the year and started pulling around 11. I have virtually a full set of top lashes now, and before I staryed coaching last year, I had two little clusters on either side of my eyes, the rest were bald. Hope that helps with reassuring you. 🙌
    Take care. X
  • Come on Carezza,

    It sounds like you are doing well. I am sure you could get that top lash on each side matching it's partner.

    Let us know how you are doing now.

    Love and freedom

  • Hi Carezza,

    how are you doing now? Have you settled more into coaching?

  • Ladies and gentlemen!

    I am very proud to announce that Carezza has now earned her TricSTAR status after 105 days pull free - sorry I am 5 days late announcing - please celebrate with her.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Congratulations Carezza! You did it!

    Any advice for others who might be feeling the same as you did at the start of coaching?


  • Woohoo, @Carezza!!!!!

    Amazing work!!!! Well done for fighting strong, you've got this!🌟🌟
    Keep going, you're an inspiration for us all.

    Lots of love and pull free vibes, xx

  • That's amazing @carezza 💟
  • Congrats @carezza!!!!! What a great accomplishment. Keep going. You have got this.

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