4 year old hair pulling help

Hi everyone
I’m desperately looking for some help and information before I visit my GP who will undoubtedly try and fob my off.
I have a 4yr old boy who I would say over the last 3 months has pulled out half his head of hair - this isn’t in an aggressive way and doesn’t seem to be environmental as he does it everywhere no matter what he is doing.
He’s has curly blonde hair and he’s always played with it to some degree but this has now became a constant habit. He is literally bald in one side.
My self and the school at montioring him and have been trying to stop him when we see it but he has now started the other side.
Just want some advice / information / tips on how we can help with this and what could be causing it


  • Hi there Amy

    I am so sorry that your beautiful boy (he sounds like a cherub) has this condition. I would take a good look at https://charizmatic.com/trichotillomania

    Lots of help there and I hope he stops soon. I would leave the GP visit for a while and try researching the John Kender diet. The good news is your son has what is known as "baby trich" and will most likely stop pulling.

    Good luck

    Love and freedom

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