Avoiding Relapse

I am 118 days pull free from my scalp.
Been pulling for 11 years- managed to stop twice for longer lengths (up to 7 months) and always fall at that hurdle.

I have my strategies for when I have an urge:

  • wear hats and head scarfs (from first thing in morning to last thing at night)
  • use pencil to scratching location of urge
  • distract my hands (crafts)
  • going for a walk or being in public

Its been a struggle and I'm taking it a day at a time but I fear of falling back to 0 days.
I finally opened up about my progress to my family and friends as I kept it quiet until day 115 and now there seems to be more pressure- but not from them- just from myself.

I wonder if it will always be like this- both proud and scared of myself, feeling excited and dreading, hopeful but pessimistic.


  • Hi, Yvonne. I really relate to what you mentioned in your post.
    You should celebrate and be soooo proud of 118 days! That is AMAZING!!! I have been pulling for over 7 years now and like you, I have managed to go for a little while at times. The longest I have managed has been 10 or 11 months I don't remember exactly and another time I managed around 100 days.
    Those are great techniques for everyday or when urges are bad, thanks for sharing those with us.
    I totally relate to your feelings of fear that you have about slipping up yet again and being absolutely devastated because it feels this struggle will never end.... totally get that! But try not to feel that it will once again go back to 0 days because all the progress that you have made over these last few months does not go out the window, it still stays with you no matter what. I admire the courage you had to open up to family and friends about your progress that's a huge step, maybe I should do the same.... I love how you put it - both proud and scared, excited and dreading, hopeful but pessimistic.
    I've been in coaching for 2 months - best decision I've ever made and today is 40 days/over 5 weeks for me. Stay strong and just do your best, you got this!!
  • And it's not just because I have been doing well lately with not pulling that it's the best decision I made to start coaching - but because the support I am getting here is wonderful and there are no words to describe how amazing it feels to be supported by people who get me!
  • Hey Yvonne,
    You're doing so great.118 days. WOW that's brilliant. You should be extremely proud of how far you've come. It takes a lot of courage and you've come so far. Keep going <3

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