I need help!

Hi I’m new to this. I have suffered with OCD and Anxiety for nearly 8 years. I find it really hard to talk to people, I prefer to write things down. I am now 18 and since December 2020 I have been pulling my hair out of my head and I have lots of bold patches. I’ve tired really hard to stop the longest I’ve gone is 6 days but I can’t stop doing it. I get so embarrassed when I look at my self in the mirror and I get embarrassed to be around other people as they will notice i’ve got bold patches. I really want to stop but I don’t know how to. I just wondered if anyone can give me any tips? Thank you.


  • Hi emilyt. You're super brave to write on this forum and reach out even though it's hard for you to do it! Some tips that might help you would be to wear gloves or band aids - any barrier to prevent the pulling and wearing a hat can be useful. Also, rewarding yourself when you are able to control your urges - being kinder to yourself. I totally understand what you're going through, you're not alone in this!
    Sending you love and hugs, stay strong you will get through this
  • 6 days is really good! I know you can do it again, too. In addition to R2021's suggestions, you could put leave in conditioner on your hair when you're at home. When you want to pull, (and get stuck by the gloves/hat/conditioner) take some time to pay attention to what that desire to pull feels like. Is it strong? Is it painful? Is it upsetting? How long does it last for? Could you set yourself a small task to do instead, and then see how you feel afterwards? Bring the behaviour into your conscious mind and use it to learn what helps you to say "No, actually I'm not going to do this".

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