Finally ready to get help


I've suffered with Trichotillomania for around 20 years. It started in my teens and has very gradually got worse.

I also suffer with anxiety and depression, which I've had for longer than the trichotillomania.

The hair pulling got worse when the first lockdown started last year.

My hair is thinning in places and feeling coarse, which hasn't helped the hair pulling. I don't even realise I'm doing it sometimes.

It's been really hard to admit that I have a problem. My husband is the only one that knows that it's an addiction. I haven't been able to admit it to anyone else/ tell anyone else about it yet. But this needs to change!

I've tried using a fidget cube, wearing a hair band on my wrist, wearing bandana's etc but all were short lived.

I had a breakdown in 2018 and I had counselling and CBT for that so thinking of seeing if the same counsellors can help me with this.


  • Hi Char8

    I am so sorry that your post seemes to have slipped to the bottom without a reply. I know if this was me I would be wondering what I had said that people didn't like or something. Your post is lovely and it just fell beneath the really active ones.

    Well done for telling your husband, which is a great start. It can be hard to share this with anyone else, so it must have also taken great guts to post your message - just to feel unheard.

    You have been heard. You are doing well to share and can continue to do so.

    Perhaps try for half a day pull free and then post to let us know you have done it.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Neo, thank you for your reply.
    Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't get a notification so was unaware that you replied.

    Thanks for your lovely words. Given that other posts have loads of replies, I am surprised with the lack of response.
  • Please don't get discouraged @CharB Sometimes the alerts work and sometimes they don't for some reason 🤷 There have been many times in the past that I thought it was unusual that no one has been posting for so long, but when I actually log on to the site I see plenty of activity.

    I hope you are having at least a little success recently? I just ended a 3 day pull-free streak, but I'm determined to start again 💪 I know what you mean about increasingly thinning hair. I really can't believe that I would have anything left to pull, but somehow I always end up with a huge pile of freshly pulled hair 😞 Everytime I look at the back of my head with a hand mirror, I promise myself that this is as bad as I'm going to let it get. But somehow the fear of being completely bald is not strong enough to deter the urges! I just keep posting my thoughts on this forum and reading the struggles of others and keep hoping that someday something will 'click' and I'll be free of this craziness!

    Until then, we just need to keep encouraging & supporting each other the best we can.

    Take care & talk soon,

    SleepySloth ♥️
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