Advice pls

Back then when I was 16 or 17 yo I used to pull out my hair. I don't remember how and when but I could stop it (and I don't wanna think about those dark days) and now I'm 27 yo and all of my hair didn't grow back and in some place of my head I can tell that there isn't so many hair.
My question is that will the hairs grow back and they still need time? Or should I go for transplat?
Thanks in advance


  • Thanks for the message and for your presence here . We appreciate you and know how hard it is to talk about this. Hair pulling and regrowth can be touchy subjects but this is something you really should speak to your doctor about. There are all sorts of reasons why people have thinning hair and I don't think the short time you pulled your hair for is the cause. For example, you could have a hormonal problem which untreated, might lead to infertility. Doctors are very understanding usually and you will be glad of the professional advice.

    Hair growth after pulling can take up to ten years, although this is VERY rare. As for having a transplant, this seems rather drastic and personally I would rather cover my hair than do that.

    Again, thanks for using our website and well done for stopping pulling as most people with Trichotillomania do continue pulling. You are one of the minority who found their way free.

    Love and freedom

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