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Hi everyone
I just came on here really to see if anyone had ever pulled their eyelashes for so long that they stopped growing back. Last night I pulled a massive chunk out of both eyes and I’m feeling so embarrassed and ashamed of myself, I woke up this morning and remembered what I had done and it’s made me feel so tearful and rubbish. I’ve been doing it since I was at least 16, maybe earlier, and I’m now almost 34. Luckily they have grown back on some periods where I’ve managed to stop picking long enough but I tend to enjoy (so weird I know) pulling or tweezing out lashes that aren’t on the right lash line or that are poking out the wrong way. I’ve tried lash extensions to grow gaps out and everything but nothing breaks the habit for long enough.


  • Hey lovely, how are you doing? Have you tried coconut oil? X
  • Hello @cruroltab4 I am a frequent eyelash (eyebrow, nose & scalp!) puller too! Many of us are. It seems if I can get a handle on my lash pulling, then I'm struggling with my scalp and vice versa 🥴

    Eyelashes are tough because visible gaps can happen so quickly (unlike scalp pulling, where it seems I can hide my damage much easier). As far as them growing back, I've been pulling for over 30 years and mine have always grown back. Right now my lashes are looking pretty good, but that's just because I blew a 5 day pull-free streak last night when I was concentrating on my scalp!

    Back in the day, when I used to wear makeup, instead of using mascara on my lashes, I used to apply Vaseline with my mascara brush. It seemed to make my eyelashes slippery enough so I couldn't pull them out.

    And much like you, I LOVE to allow myself a "controlled pulling/grooming" session with my tweezers and a magnifying mirror. In some ways, I think I can justify that, by telling myself I am not 'blindly' pulling random hairs. I am specifically pulling the lashes that OBVIOUSLY don't belong. 🙃 Crazy, I agree, but it makes me happy. The hard part is to determine that fine line between 'controlled' pulling for a purpose and uncontrolled pulling for comfort.

    I've had some success with fidget toys too. But everything only lasts for so long. (As my 37+ year struggle shows!) But I AM getting better. Slowly but surely. I journal, use fidgets, use barrier methods on my finger tips and turn to this forum often. And every few weeks (or days) I slip up, pull and have to start over. But I know I'm making progress and that's all that matters for now.

    Best of luck to you on your Pull Free Journey. You can always come here for support. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! You have a Trich Family now, forever!!

    Take care and talk soon!

    SleepySloth ♥️
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