Help, I'm new here, advice for topical treatment

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Good Morning everyone, I am new here.

Firstly I'll explain a little, I have been pulling for a few year's now, all through anxiety, stress and ocd. It got it worse in 2017 when I was pregnant with my 1st child, had a horrific pregnancy and wasn't sure if she would make it, she did and she is now nearly 4 and healthy, but I only use to pull from the crown (thick bumpy hair's) but through my first pregnancy it got a whole lot worse and I pulled everywhere, my hair went so so soooooo thin, anyhow I stopped when she was here healthy, well I say stopped, the urge was reduced and I still pulled a little but not as much. So now I have a 4 month old beautiful boy, hormones are absolutely everywhere, and my hair came out at the front (postpartum) the pulling started again😭 I wanted to get both sides even, I think this is where my ocd kicks in, it's the first time I have ever pulled the front of my hair, but now have 2 huge bald patches 😢 I shaved my hair off as I had a pixie cut and it just looked blumming awful (dalmation like) I felt good shaving it off and I am going to continue doing this until I see the new hair coming through so I can start again (i know they don't recommend shaving but this was the best option for my ocd too) , if I'd of left the pixie cut it would of been worse, I would of started pulling more to try and even those patches up and it will of got a whole lot worse, so fresh start here, it can be hard some day's as I have that urge and I go for my eyebrows but manage to stop myself wahey :). So after me harping on and on has anyone had successful growth with any products, I am using coconut oil and I mix with rosemary essential oil, in taking viviscal supplements, I am forcing myself to drink lots of water and my lovely dad has brought me a LLLT light (red light Low level laser machine) I would love to hear your recommendations and how long it took for new hair growth to establish itself . Thank you everyone, I feel so much better writing all this down, my mum is wonderful and my partner but they say.... Just stop pulling, as if I haven't thought of that :( xx huge love xx

Ps it's the first time I have pulled out at the front, it always grows back at the back but I think because I can see the bald spots and I check everyday it seems like such a long journey, only been 2 weeks 😂.


  • Hi Nina

    So sorry for not seeing this sooner, but the LLLT will work wonders, I will post a link to the regrowth discussion for you - it can take up to 10 years so this is a VERY long process. Be patient with yourself and don’t go for surgical or intralace options . See topic below for more info

  • Hello Neo, thank you so much for replying. I shall take a look at the link. Is that 10 year's even from it being pulled just once at the front? My hair has grown back now at the back thank goodness, that was year's of pulling 😭. It's so hard and I'm so desperate for the front to come back but I see new hair's just after 4 week's but it seems quite patchy, is this normal x
  • Yes, it is completely normal. Hairs grow back at different rates and we used to think it could take up to six years for dormant hairs to recover but evidence is now coming forward showing regrowth even after ten years dormant and possibly even longer.

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