Patchy regrowth

Hi everyone,

I use to pull the back on my hair when it was longer, I use to find the thick kinky hair's, that has grown back successfully after years of pulling. I recently had a baby and had hair loss at the front of my hairline, and started pulling then to even the sides up, I got carried away and have 2 bald patches on the front now, this was 4 week's ago, I check so many times a day for hair growth and I have a few hair's peeping through now but it's patchy, my question is.... Can pulled hair grow at different times? Do I just need to have patience and and stop obsessing what hair is coming through next, I have been pull free for 7 days now x


  • That is so fantastic, Nina - you need to be super proud of yourself. Pulled hair can definitely grow at very different rates. Some hairs are dormant while others grow. Please see our other discussions on this topic.

    Welcome to the form and please remember we need your support as much as you do ours.

    Love and pull freedom

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