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Hi All,
I was very active on this forum a decade ago, back when I was in my mid 20s. :) Am back now, married, with a soon to be 3y old and another on the way, due right after New Year.
I pull lashes and brows and twirl hair in a failed attempt to distract from it. All ends up blowing in my face naturally. Got barely any lashes or brows atm so am back in a desperate attempt to get it back under control as last time I was part of this community I managed several months PF. Fingers crossed I still have it in me...
Will start day 1 tomorrow.
PF vibes to all.


  • Hi Ama! Glad to hear this, I hope everything is going well for you. I did this too a year ago and it was the best decision. Let us know how your getting on x

  • Hi Gir, thank you for your encouraging words and support. How did it go for you, still going strong? X
  • That's ok, I come here for that too. It's going well I think, I'm a year pf atm which is great. I feel a lot better the urges are very quiet, they're still there at times but its more like background noise at this point. I would really recommend the paid therapy on this website that was the main thing that changed it for me x

  • Wow, better than well I'd say, well done you! I've never made it so far probably 6 to 9 months at most and that's with a few blips included before something sends me ricocheting back. Keep up the good work! X
  • Hi Ama! Welcome back :) . How are you doing so far?

  • AmaAma
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    Hi Michelle. Still PF since starting. :D Don't know how regrowth is looking as worried if I get too obsessive it will be tempting fate. Just trying to rack up the days and catch myself if I start falling back into old habits. Hope to be able to go make-up shopping in time for Xmas. Fingers crossed!
  • @Ama that sounds like a sensible plan! Schedule regular rewards for yourself along the way. That really helps me.

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