bald patches on scalp - will my hair ever grow back??

new to this forum and have been reading over a lot of posts that already seem very helpful. it’s so soothing to see i’m not alone in the tricho battle.

i am 23 and have struggled with pulling my eyebrows out since i was 15. for the past year or 2 it’s worsened as i started going for my eyelashes and scalp as well. ive tried wearing long fake nails to make it harder to pull my brows and lashes, but that doesn’t stop me from the hair on my head.

in may i shaved my head completely bald bc the patches were so bad. i experienced even regrowth within like a month or 2. i was pull free from may-september while my hair was growing in. i relapsed once the hair was long enough to grab at again. i buzzed it super short so that it wouldn’t look so terrible. now i have 2 distinct completely bald patches on the top of my scalp. it’s been almost a month since i stopped pulling at those spots and i’m panicking bc i see NO trace of regrowth this time.. not even any stubble or fine hairs. but different spots that were previously pulled at recovered before? i’m worried i’ve done some permanent damage. i’ve been massaging castor oil into my scalp and sleeping with a shower cap. ANY tips would be appreciated


  • Hi @nvtfxc029 and welcome to the forum. It's very unlikely that you've done permanent damage. It can happen, but it's rare. Often it's just a case of giving your hair some time. It may take longer this time for any number of reasons: more stressed, the change in the seasons; change of diet; different point in the hair growth cycle, etc.

    Be patient. Cut yourself (and your scalp) some slack.

    Oo, one idea you could try: you could take a photo of your hair once a week and compare them after a couple of months - if regrowth is going more slowly this time round then it may be hard to see until you can compare a before and after.

  • Hi and welcome! I've recently come back myself and get so happy when I see others are still around. First of all, well done for managing so long PF. That's the first step! I believe way back when Neo posted a long article about hair and regrowth, it said if you pull out a hair with a red tip it won't grow back. In all my years of hair pulling I have never seen one myself. So am sure your hair will grow back, think lashes take several weeks, brows a couple of months or so and hair even longer. I don't pull hair myself, I twirl it and some come out but I went through a period in my teens where I had unexplainable bald patches just appear. I was on zinc supplements and a prescribed gel and it took almost 6 months to fill back in. So take it easy and enjoy your PFdom. The hairs will get there. :)
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