Hair loss from trichotillomania , will it ever grow

I am new to this foram, i am suffering from /trichotillomania/ from part 15 years without even realizing about it.

These days i am going even crazy , i cannot stop pulling my hair. My scalp hurts by end of the day.

I am now tensed and wondering about the hair regrowth. How much damage i have done ?

Can some please share your experiences and the things you have done to stop from hair pulling.


  • Hi Subhashini
    I feel your frustration. I have been an eyelash pulled for nearly 15 years. I have tried so much. For example some ideas:
    Cut nails really short so you can’t grip
    Get long false acrylic nails
    Keep journal
    Keep tally chart
    Read books on trichotillomania
    Worn plasters on my thumbs
    Kept fidget spinners and fidget cubes in my bad to keep hands occupied
    I have bought a bracelet called HABIT AWARE
    Joined forums
    And sometimes these things work for a period of time. But unfortunately I’ve always ending up caving and going back to it.

    Have you tried anything that has ever worked for you?
  • Hi, thank you for reply.

    I tried few things, a sticky posted note in front of my computer “DO NOT PULL”
    Also when i go near my hair i keep reminding myself to take the hand off the hair.
    And reading online about it.

    And today i made a resolution that i should keep off my hands from hair for 21 days. There is a saying if one follows any activity for 21 days they will get used to it seems. So trying that now
  • Hi Subhashini. Like Katie I have been puling my lashes for 25 years. I have been in therapy (through this page) for nearly a year, and for the first time, in all those years, I have the most eyelashes I've had since I first started pulling. If you're looking for therapy, then have a look at website. There's a number on there and an email address. You can chat to someone and see what options are available for you.

    I've personally found therapy incredibly helpful, as it has taught me how to live in the moment more, how to love myself, how to be PF (I wont lie, I have slipped up, but am doing well at the moment) but the biggest one is realising I'm not alone, and neither are you. For me, learning what different tools and techniques are available to help me through those "urge" moments and knowing that I wanted to beat the "trich monster" and NOT the other way around have kept me focused on staying Pf.

    I started a thread on here a few months ago called "How are you felling?" I've recorded how I've felt and when I've slipped up. Feel free to have a read and add any comments if you feel comfortable enough to do so. I hope this helps, and take care.

  • Thank you lisava for your valuable suggestions.
  • Hi Subhashini. How are you getting on?
  • I have been a eyelash, eyebrow and hair puller for over 20 years. I used to think that I would never stop the pulling and I was comfortable with the fact that I would never have eyelashes. This is the best trich site that I have seen. I just wanted to let all the eyelash pullers out there know that after 22 years of daily pulling I have grown my lashes back in 6 months. My eyebrows have been less responsive but are growing well. I stopped pulling last summer and now have full and thick looking lashes which look great with or without mascara. The freedom of being able to go out without any makeup on my eyes is unbelievable!

    The things that have helped me to get my pulling under control were taking fish oil daily, limiting my sugar intake, wearing band aids on my thumbs during reading or tv and recording how many pull free days I could manage at a time. I can never let my fingers go near my eyes. I have to be totally aware at all times and although the urge is there, the feeling of control is getting stronger by the day.

  • Hi Reg. Thanks SO much for sharing and giving hope to all!!!
    I’ve really needed that hope - I’m currently 2 days pull free. Which shows me that I am capable.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and your tips. And you should be so proud of yourself!

    Katie x
  • Wow Reg, amazing! Great to hear what’s helped you on our journey, thanks for sharing!
    And you’re right, this is the best trich site!

    Hey Katie. Good to hear from you, and well done, 2 days PF- amazing!! You’ve got this and you too should be proud of yourself.x
  • Reducing sugar in your diet is definitely a useful recovery tip ...I am a scalp puller myself and noticed a big change in my urges when i cut out sugar....

    wonderful acheievement and do come back and let us know how you are getting on....

  • Hi, I have had Trichotillomania for over 40 years with it being at its worse last year, I ended up with a 5 inch circular bald patch. I have tried lotions and potions therapy and will power with not much or no affect to the condition until I was introduced to a specialist in hair replacement systems at wigs of London. For the last year I have had 2 monthly refits and now after one year my hair has grown back everywhere and is now 4-5 inches long where I was pulling my hair from the top of my head.
    I know this works as when the hair replacement is fitted it stopped me from reaching the area I always pulled hair out from and after not pulling it out for a year its as if my brains be re-programmed and I have no desire to pull it out anymore.
    The great thing about having hair replacement systems is that you have hair instantly, which can be washed and styled and I can swim in it too, and all the time my hair is growing underneath. Some of the hair intergration specialists can be very costly and the quality of hair is not always good. Where I went to get mine has genuine real good quality hair.
    Hope everyone finds this helpful.

  • Hi Tracy

    Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum. we are here to support you and others like you, for life. This discussion is about natural growth that can come from pull freedom.

    As with everything, there are positives and negatives to hair systems. I’m glad to hear that you have been helped so much. However, I myself and many others have PERMANENT hair loss for the entire area that one of these hair systems covered. The reality is they can and do cause complete traction alopecia, not to mention hurting like hell when being fitted and readjusted each time.

    I was already six months pull free when I went to a top London Salon which is run by a lovely lady whose advertising targets trichotillomania. I won’t name the salon because this public forum is not the place for advertising or naming and shaming.

    If you are going to cover up your pulling, I would recommend soft cotton or bamboo fabric. We are here to encourage people and let them know they CAN stop pulling. If you stopped through a hair system then I can honestly say that having exclusively worked with trichsters since 1996, you’re the first person I have ever heard about who has.

    Tracy, we are here for support and I hope you won’t take it personally that I have added my story to yours but people do deserve to have a balanced view on what these systems can do in the long term.

    Love and pull freedom

  • So great you posted this. People hardly never talk about bad experiences from extensions and systems. I never pulled from my scalp but my friend Dawn also had one of these systems you refer to, which was just like hair extensions on a mesh, clipped to her actual hair. The same thing happened to her and all her remaining hair fell out too.

    well done on your wonderful achievement of being pull free though !! you're doing really fantastically. It is great to see so many pull free here.

    We are definitely too hard on ourselves. Last year I pulled every eyelash out....yes a couple of people noticed - but hardly anyone

    Congrats on your pull free status after sooo long!

  • So seriously, I am freaking out. My eyelashes are not growing back after 2 weeks - so my question is this, does it ever take more than two weeks for eyelash regrowth? I mean there aren't even those tiny little dots or teeny weeny lashes yet apart from ONE little dot on one eye. I mean NO GROWTH not even any sign of any and it was over two weeks ago i last pulled my eyelashes out. Ican't have finally damage the follicle? Can I? I feel like I am being stabbed in the heart with the pressure. I know, I know, its my fault.

  • Try not to panic, Lara. Some people can pull for 2 years and have major damage while others can pull for 20 and have virtually no follicle damage. I guess it depends on the person. I hope you see some growth soon . I'm sure they will come back but it might take a bit longer than you thought! Just think about the wonderful feelings you get when they come through!

  • Hi Lara,
    I seriously wouldn't panic. My medical doctor told me that a normal growth cycle for eyelashes is between 4 and 6 months. Sometimes when I pull, they come back quickly, and sometimes they take longer to recover. I have pulled my eyelashes to complete baldness for more than 30 years. It has only been within the past 10-12 years that I started to have pull free days, months and years. During my teenage years, I pulled out every single lash that ever grew in, complete baldness from age 11 to approximately 30.

    Yet now, each time I regain pull free status, my lashes do grow all the way back in. I also have tattooed eyeliner on my lid rims. That didn't permanently damage my hair follicles either. I glue on false eyelashes every single day and only remove them sometimes at night. There can't be any good oxygen getting to my rims. I truly cannot imagine that you could have damaged yours more than mine. I have literally destroyed my lashes all of my life. And they still grow back.

    Panic gets me nowhere except additional pulling. Focus instead on being proud of yourself for the pull-free hours and days, rather than focusing on whether the regrowth pleases you. The freedom from pulling is a much greater reward, even though it is hard not to want those lashes back immediately!

    Give yourself 30-60 days of not looking for regrowth. Scrutinizing my regrowth is almost always a trigger to pull for me anyway. I find it better not to look closely in the mirror and just let the lashes be. They might be under your skin at the moment, but time will continue to heal.

    If I can have hope, you can. ((hugs))
    Got get 'em!

  • Hey Lara.

    I agree with what Heather and Jacqui have both said. Try not to focus on them, that’s making you more vulnerable to pulling as it’s an obsessive thought, and it’s not helpful to you Hun. You can do this. I think Heather’s Idea is great too. Try not to think about 30-60 days in one chunk maybe. Just keep reminding yourself to be PF in this moment. I just know for me I have to remain PF in the moment, otherwise it’s too much, but that might not work for you see what feels right.

    If your eyes are sore, I can also recommend applying coconut oil (not with your fingers though, I use the back of a teaspoon.) it’s incredibly soothing and I THINK it does help with hair regrowth. I’ve set reminders on my phone throughout the day to apply (I don’t use a mirror just to point that out too.) I go and apply the oil when the alarm goes. If I don’t do it and ignore it, it won’t happen. I’ve also been doing reminders with my thoughts. It asks me “is it helpful?” I smile and move on.

    You can do this Lara. Lots of love.xx

    PS- another top I’ve found helpful, if you find yourself obsessing in front of a mirror or your hand goes to your hair, I’ve been practicing dating “”Lisa my lovely, we don’t do that anymore.” Hope this helps x
  • Hi Lara,
    Yes, what Lisa said. I did not mean for you to think about 30-60 days in one chunk. That's not what I meant. I just meant for you to stop looking for regrowth for a longer period of time than the 2 weeks you stated. I was just picturing you staring into your mirror (after only 2 weeks!!) and "freaking out" like you said. I really think it would serve you well to not look for regrowth at all, but certainly not to be discouraged so soon.

    I'm going to try what Lisa said above and when I find myself looking in the mirror I'm going to say, "Heather, no need to judge your lashes. Each and every one is good."

    Have a great day!

  • I’ve just realised my post said, “I’ve been practicing DATING!!!” I’m sure you’ve realised, but that should say “saying”😉🤣🤣🤣 Should double check what I’ve written!

    Hope you all have a great evening!x
  • ha ha - dating more fun

    It can be scary not to have regrowth and I don't want to feed that fear but your hairs could have been permanantly damaged. If when you pull a eylash out you see a red tip on the white hair folicle it means that the hair has been damaged.

    Otherwise your eyelashes should grow back but might take a bit longer.

    I hope you see some quick regrowth


  • I thinink Lara said they're not growing back 2 weeks after pulling. are you still pull free? Ever hear the saying A watched pot never boils, well that's what you're doing. Don't keep checking every hour. It takes time and patience but they will grow back.

    I have been pull free since May 1st and still have 2 small bare patches. But having pulled for over 20 years this has been the first time I have gotten close to having them all back. I too thought that I had damaged them beyond regrowth but I am almost there and you can be too. I've started over a million times and finally did it.

    Thanks to this site and the people here I had set my goal at full lashes by the end September and I was already there at the end of July. I've learned the hard way to be patient and lightly look but not stare in the mirror.
    Keep busy. While you're out having fun your lashes will be growing all the time.

  • I just read that it takes pulled eyelashes a full 6 months to completely recover. They also said that a full recovery is more or less definite. I hope that is what happens for us all.

    I also read another post on this forum that talks about something called Latisse that is available in the U.S. on prescription for sparse eyelashes. Check that post out too.

    Pull free vibes to all

  • Wow, thank you so much for the messages. My eyelashes have made a full recovery but unfortunately I have pulled my bottom left lashes again now. Oh well. This is not me. I absolutely love my eyelashes and somehow i still pull them out. i just don't know why I did it.

  • As much as I hate to say it I guess that true key is patience. I hate that word I really do. lol But I guess it's the truth -- just try and hang onto hope as best you can. hands you a little bit of Hope to start your collection

    Take care and keep us posted! hugs

  • I didn't pull my eyelashes but I did lose the whole lot of them once to a rogue beauty therapist. It took about 6 weeks for them to come back I think. Longer for them to be like they were before. I'm never getting extensions ever again.

    I'm going to throw some hope in with Sherry's and leave this little link to an article Neo wrote recently on regrowth :)

  • Hi there, I am just copying the relevant part from the regrowth article - I only wrote this part, by the way - Spinner originally wrote the article

    EYELASHES – Some people can get FULL recovery in 6 months but if you have been pulling for many, many years it could be 2-4 years.

    Thanks and I really hope and expect you will get full regrowth.

    Love and freedom

  • I can’t promise anything, coz everyone’s different – and it is possible to permanently damage them but it is very rare. If you stop pulling now, there is every reason to hope you’d have a full set of eyelashes in 3 monthsI’m hoping you are really noticing a difference now in the thickness of your hair after five months. Please don’t think this is the total regrowth though because I have so much more hair now than I had after three months. My daughter came home a few days ago after a month of not seeing me and said my hair was thicker even than a month ago … and that’s after 3 ½ years.

    Growth slows down as you get older but it doesn’t necessarily stop.

    Don’t be too sure that you hair won’t grow back fully … mine is still improving after 3 ½ years so anything is possible! Baldness isn’t the end of the world, though – I am completely in agreement with you that what matters is being pull free, not whether your head’s covered or not. TBH I think the knowledge that I have done permanent damage prevents me from pulling another hair even more … because you never know when that hair is on it’s last growth cycle.

    At the top where your hair doesn't feel like it is growing, it most probably will. It takes about 3 years for full growth to take place. Usually you have to do a LOT of damage for it to be permanent and I doubt that you have. Lets assume you haven't until we know otherwise. I think you are just (naturally!) following your mum's patterns of worrying about something before it happens.

    Well, you can’t rush the river … it will be when it will be ;-) The point is they ARE growing, and that will have to be enough for now.

    Your regrowth worries are also natural, but remember that your beliefs create your reality so it is best to work on believing that your hair is just taking its time and will regrow. I still get new regrowth even now, after sitting in the garden in the sunlight, so hopefully the sun you had yesterday will help.

    Hair growth slows as you get older, so is is only to be expected that you are not recovering your hairas quickly as you did in 2002.

    The books say that hair can take up to two years to regrow, but for me personally, hair is still growing in places that have been bald for five years.

    The key to regrowth is to treat it like a little baby, nuture it, take care of it and don't ever harm it. A baby is a new beginning and so is regrowth, so be kind with it and do whatever you can to make it grow and stay healthy! take care and FIGHT those urges,

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