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  • All of our lives seem to spring forth from the centre point of childhood. As a life coach, the majority of clients come to me to talk about their childhood and what they have learned.

    As a scientist, we are learning more and more about the formation of people, from the genes which program them for future experiences, to the mother’s neuro-chemistry while she carries the child, on to the behaviour,and expectations of the parents and society. All of this, and more, makes us who we are.

    I think too much emphasis is placed on the past and not enough on the individual’s values and desires. If you want to overcome specific thoughts or behaviours, start NOW, not then.

    Please join in the conversation - let’s get to know you. We want to know who you are and who you want to be, and if telling us about your past helps achieve that, go right ahead.

  • Hi Neomie.
    I’m Katie, I’m 25, I work as a PA in property and have just finished my first year in my counselling training. I’m doing a part time college course whilst working! It can be hard work to juggle. I recently just bought a house with my fiancé and my 2 dogs.
    I suffer with anxiety, over thinking, worrying. You name it! And I’ve been pulling my eyelashes since I was about 10/11. My sister also pulls her hair out and picks her skin. I grew up in a recovery house with divorced parents.
    I am always keen to learn and discover more about myself which I do on a daily basis by reading and writing. And I am DETERMINED to overcome this pulling and picking my eyelashes... even though my longest I’ve gone the past few months is about 3 days :-(
    I am so grateful that I found this forum. To air and vent and just talk and read and receive support.
  • Hi Katie,

    Thank you so much for your post. It sounds like you have had a really tough time and yet you consistently work so hard each day to overcome the legacy of addiction.

    There is so much I can relate to within your post, especially the joy and love of dogs - I always feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have that connection with a canine (or two).

    Congratulations on your counselling course and I know you will overcome compulsive urges if you keep sight of the reasons you want and need your recovery.

    Love and freedom

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