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  • Come on @claudia.grace you can do this! Lets see the next post for maybe 10 days? We appreciate and believe in you. Love and pull freedom Neo
  • Hugs all round!
    in I'm okay Comment by Neo February 9
  • Ladies and gentlemen! I am very proud to announce that Carezza has now earned her TricSTAR status after 105 days pull free - sorry I am 5 days late announcing - please celebrate with her. Love and pull freedom Neo
  • Congratulations, Yurisen - that is fantastic. Keep the magic going! After the first 2 weeks, it does get easier. Welcome, Claudia You are not alone! You can do this. Your target for now is 2 days pull free - come back and let us know when you …
  • Wow, well done, Gir! You go!!!! x
  • Wow, you are doing well, Joy - keep going!!! x
    in Bedtime!! Comment by Neo January 18
  • I forgot to add the reason for the coconut oil - it kills bacteria and has anti-itch properties x
  • Hey Yurisen, Thanks for the really great question, and to SleepySloth for coming in and replying while I was being a REAL sleepy sloth and snoozing the holidays away. Yes, the itch is real. The THOUGHTS about the itch are not real, though. You g…
  • Hi Yurisen, Welcome to the website. Well done for being pull free for 2 months and Gir, contratulations for keeping going - you're on a great roll now. Yurisen, start from where you are right now. Make a chart, if you can, starting with 2 weeks a…
  • OMG - excuse me a minute E - Welcome back, Jason and long time no see!!! I will drop you an email. Hey E, Good to see you. I hope you’re warmer than I am this evening! You have been thru a lot, E, but this is the start of your healing journey t…
  • Aaaw, your message warms my heart, @Joy - keep going - so very proud of you! @AT, I hope you are still here and listening because we all know you can do this and the only person who doubts it, is YOU. Resist one urge in one moment, and go from the…
  • You can do this! How are you getting on? Love and pull freedom Neo
  • Well done, Gir - keep up the great work. I keep popping in to give you your TricSTAR star, and it keeps falling off - no idea how! Well earned though. Great work. Love and pull freedom Neo
  • Hi Andy, Great to meet you. I just want to reassure you that you are far from the only person who experiences this!!! I don't think you are depressed at all. We are here to help so please keep popping in and let us know how you are doing. You ar…
  • Hi Cat, Sloth and everyone else - Good to see you guys. I'm proud of everybody's progress and really feel that you deserve to be too. Keep up the great work - we can go farther, achieve more and live up to our potential. It takes togetherness to …
  • Great to meet you, Cat So sorry for the delay in responses. I can certainly help with hypnotherapy via zoom, just use the contact form or make an appointment at (mentioning that it is for hypnotherapy). I've been pull free s…
  • She is still doing great - gone to sleep on the forum, I guess, but still full of freedom (Image)
  • Keep going, Gir, you can do this!!! We're on your side. Love and pull freedom Neo
  • Hi SleepySloth, Thanks for posting. I could so relate to what you said about THAT eyelash. It nearly always started for me with “‘something in my eye”. My ex used to say it was my eyeball. Keep talking here. We believe in you. Together we’ve g…
  • Hey there Amanda Lee, I'm 58 and I've been pull free since 2001. Michelle and Heather are also pull free, so yes, we CAN stop. It isn't always easy to stop, but it is sometimes easy, and that is what to hold on to. You are appreciated and suppor…
  • Aaaw, that is so sweet, SleepySloth, and definitely made my day. I am multi-tasking and was giving myself grief for checking the forum when I am meant to be fixing links on the website! I'm 58 and like you, I didn't want to carry this behaviour fo…
  • Well done, Gir - keep the magic going!!!
  • Hey Sloth Thanks for joining us. Sorry to hear f your struggles. You do sound so positive tho, so assure you will conquer it. KEeeeep posting!!! Love and
  • Woooohooo - congrats 🥳
  • Just popped in to say hi to all and great idea for Sundays off, Kitty. I take Saturdays off all tech - I do get bored tho 🥱 Love and freedom, Neo
  • Welcome aboard, Alt. Hair knotting is definitely part of tric. I am so sorry you have this problem - ease up on yourself. Please don’t expect to snap out of it - recovery is a slow and caring process. You will get there more easily if you can l…
  • Hey there Kirsty, Sorry it took a while to reply. Congratulations for plucking (sorry) up the courage to join us. You did really well to stop for a year. You can do more. We're all in the same boat here and more than understand what you are goi…
  • Wow, that was great, Gir - sorry for not seeing this earlier. How are you doing today? Thanks for posting and deepest apologies that we have not been around. I will check back in tomorrow. Looking forward to an update. Love and pull freedom Neo
  • Yay!!! ~You did it, Joy - keep at it girl. So proud of you. Love and pull freedom Neo
  • Hey there Bwstop Well done for coming forward and admitting this is something you do. It is such a hard move to own up and say look, this is hard. I don't know how to stop this and I welcome support. We are a great little support group and every…