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  • Hope you're doing well @joy in all other aspects of your life too!! ❤️
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  • Hello guys! I've noticed people have been less active on the forum, you guys are probably all busy, metoo can't blame anyone but for whoever is still roaming here every now and then I'm still pretty active I just don't post as much, so if anyone n…
  • That's great @R2021 , I'm on day 1 again :)
  • Update: today I woke up pretty determined to change but still didn't really know how. Things I will be doing from now on: - exercising as soon as I eat breakfast - taking my study break away from my study room floor, this has actually been the z…
  • Thank you @R2021 , I seem to be having a problem with pulling that I haven't had before. Little thinking comes before I pull , in the past I thought alot before I pulled or whilst I was pulling so changing that thought process was hard but easier th…
  • I'm back on this thread hello! If you have seen my other thread you would know that I have relapsed and started pulling again, my 1 month scalp pull free days were never stable anyways like I would still be triggered to pull if I wasn't wearing th…
  • That's amazing @R021 !!! Good luck going into the second week
  • Happy birthday Joyyyy
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  • Aw @Joy you're doing great
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  • That's amazing @claudia.grace , make sure you journal how you achieved it because incase you need it in the future but you're doing great!!
  • Aw I'm glad you're so motivated @sleepysloth , I'll start again with you but this time we need to do things differebtly🤍
    in I'm okay Comment by yurisen February 14
  • Hello another update a disappointing one too, today I pulled alot as I was about to pull the same process of thinking came to my mind which went like: should I pull I mean I'm only 1 day trich free maybe if I only pull one it'll be fine because this…
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  • So an update today, I pulled, slightly unconsciously though. I had a Biology test today and yesterday I slept late studying and as I was setting my alarm up I think I didn't press ok to the alarm, I ended up waking 40 minutes late to my lesson becau…
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  • @anna that's so awesome wow a week already..! I think your mind and body are just confused on why it is not receiving the sensations of pulling anymore which is apart of reprogramming your mind and habits. I would say though to make sure you're repl…
  • Welcome @R2021 💘
  • Thank you @michelleharper , I'm definitely going to be trich free again soon and I'm gonna be back up there faster than last time :3 ~ Yuri
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  • @neo 💟
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  • Hi @sleepysloth yeah I know exactly what you mean I feel enjoyment and kind of like a thrill when pulling and sometimes that side of me tries to shut out the side that is quieter and the one telling me that I should shift my focus and that if I keep…
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  • That's amazing @claudia.grace you've made such progress and I see a 1 month target not far behind!!! Yayy so happy for you! 💟 ~Yuri
  • @anna I think it's okay too that you're not ready to take the plasters off, metoo when I first went trich free I couldn't look at my small hairs growing in the mirror or even feel the individual hairs on my scalp because it would trigger me hard. As…
  • @Anna it's so cool that you've made a post as your journal entries , that way we can help you too and advice you when you're feeling lost. I actually wanted to do that too but I tend to write chunky paragraphs so I spared everyone the pain 🤭 it'll b…
  • Hi @carl P !! Welcome to the forum here is a warm community where you can share anything bothering you as if it's a journal but one that talks back and responds to help you piece things together. Aside from that I haven't been involved in a cour…
  • Anytime we are all in this together 💗 ~Yuri
  • Yeah @claudia.grace it's so good to see you positive about your journey! Keep going and believing in that app 💗
  • How's everything going now @anch0r33 ? :3
  • That's amazing @carezza 💟
  • Thank you @neo @joy 🤍
  • Hiii Anna I welcome you to the warmth of this community hehe, it can really make you feel like there's people who understand. I don't know if you have already but check out some of the posts already on here and you'll see alot of advice given to…
  • Okay I'm going to feedback here it's been a while! I haven't pulled for 30 days now and the methods I'm still using are the scalp massager when I'm studying and at my desk, I don't carry it around anymore because now I'm not as vulnerable when itc…
  • 💟💟💟